Cheap Christian Louboutin red soled shoes to wear do not want to be able to wear

Christian Louboutin red soled shoes on the legendary background

Originated in Louis XIV’s red shoes in Christian Louboutin hands flourish.

Use red as the sole approach can be traced back long before more: Louis XIV, only the aristocracy man to make the red heel. Red dye was expensive, and only the aristocracy could afford, but later because of the French Revolution red heels and slowly fade out of people’s sight. Has been kept on dancing after the last two centuries, the story of the famous Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen creation of “The Red Shoes”, the story of the lovely girl who wear red shoes magical. Louis XIV in the 17th century wore on red shoes.

In 1936 the classic fairy tale “The Wizard of Oz,” the release further consolidate the wonderful Contact “Little Red Shoes” and magic. If framed by the red-soled shoes who create, it certainly will not be the Christian Louboutin Sale, but the effort is understandable Christian Louboutin red-soled shoes made on the largest, its influence is greatest.

In the early 1990s, Christian Louboutin red soled shoes invention. Christian Louboutin was founded shortly after the princess fell in love with Morocco Caroline Christian Louboutin red soled shoes, and then set off a Hollywood red shoes frenzy. After two decades of and adhere to hard work, so that “red background” in the world of fashion as long as a woman see that the red, we must know Christian Louboutin UK, Christian Louboutin which is the other brands can not tolerate the production of “red shoes” reasons.

Why you do not want to wear a red background will be able to wear?

1. First you wear red shoes from

Red shoes price is not low or relatively high in all brands, each pair of shoes in the price range between 5000-12000CNY, if you need to customize the price more high, which is a wide north OL who is absolutely not a small number, plus footwear products clothing bags easier than wear ……

2. Then you wear the red shoes

Although there are a lot of red-soled shoes low-heeled shoes, but classic tip, narrow version, anhydrous station, stiletto 12cm red shoes truly sexy, seductive, there are many more than 16CM waterproof Taiwan stiletto . Such shoes, no matter for whom are more difficult to manage, even if the wear is also very hard!

3. Finally you wear the red shoes

Red shoes has a very nice ring legend and historical background, she is a symbol of the identity of the most expensive, maybe you can also wear dressed in red soled shoes, but you do not wear the red shoes, she and your temperament is closely related.

Therefore, it is realistic, red background was only a dream, not what you want to wear can wear. Of course, does not rule out an exception, there are also some people call it the capability to control, such as Lady Gaga, the Beckhams, can children…

Christian Louboutin Outlet

Left: Christian Louboutin Paralili 100 patent leather and PVC slingblacks 5450CNY

Heel height of about 10 cm. Christian Louboutin this “Paralili” slingblacks selection of patent leather and transparent PVC made in Italy, yet elegant fashion. Its sides multi Versailles design with golden tip, white stripes and black heels 5450CNY

Right: Christian Louboutin Bettina 100 leather high heels 5750CNY

Heel height of about 10 cm. Cheap Christian Louboutin The “Bettina” heels so wild, and jeans, as well as small and neat suits dress with can complement each other. Buckle ankle strap provides support and can be adjusted according to individual needs, make sure to wear fit.

Every woman has a heart heels dream, there is a celebrity once said, “When a woman standing on the heels seen the world, do not expect her to head-up this world.” But not everyone can achieve this dream, of course, everyone has their own pair of high heels, a color and a height. Because this is not a dream, this is the most true to yourself!