Guy Bourdin, the Winter Inspiration of Christian Louboutin

Throughout the seventies and eighties, the French photographer Guy Bourdin took a series of pictures that ended up being legendary. They were women, or part of them, imbued with the glamor of the era: surreal, ghostly, witty and attractive. The French chose for his portraits of anonymous models, often posed with swimsuits and colorful tights. They relied on various items such as dolphins, telephones, teddy bears or bus stops. But if there was a common element in all of them, that were the Christian Louboutin outlet.

The French, in addition to working for publications such as Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, was commissioned to produce advertising campaigns shoe brand Charles Jourdan since the mid sixties. And that’s precisely where he got the inspiration for his campaign Christian Louboutin autumn and winter 2016.

The line has presented the designer distills the seventies style that prevails in the fashion industry this 2016. But another vision of the time; the ultra glam evening of French in the Parisian nightclub Le Palace, the ray of David Bowie and the spirit of freedom. “It was a period that was fun to have an attitude instead of trying to look normal-people beginning to show a bit, to be a little ruidosas- had an attitude, they were proud to have it and played with it, they were playing with her own femininity, “Louboutin says about his own collection.

The campaign has been taking an educated Bourdin style and reinventing way. The rarity at the time might have already faded and not feel so strange in the 2016. The combination of glamor, sex and surrealism remains a golden combination in ads footwear. But the original image will always be the best.