This Autumn The Christian Louboutin, Will Travel to Glam Rock of Beauty

I love you very much Christian Louboutin! Every season more. Not only because I learned what it’s style to extremes or why fixing her own heels do not hurt as many hours as you walk on them, but he never quiet down! Year after year looking for ways to bring the sparkle and beauty in our wardrobe.

This will attempt to make the famous designer and for the autumn-winter 2016 / 2017. Tolookbookfotografithike by Sofia & Mauro shows and models in a glittering setting with glam rock inspired styl.I collection focuses on apisteftoussyndyasmousentononchromaton and immersive you high platforms for all tisorestis day, winged boots from the 70s and trimmed ankle straps will pull all vlemmata.O Louboutinempnefstike of the party that had been quite old, oposto Le Palace haunts.

It says he .. ‘was a period where it was fun to echeikapoios attitude, instead of trying to be fysiologikos.Oianthropoitoteekanan show, “they chanted” . Eichan attitude, was proud poueichan attitude and played mazitou, playing with their own femininity’ the Louboutin said.

Something tells me that the upcoming season will steal and emeisligo in ?attitude? of Christian Louboutin outlet!